Dear Struggling Interbank Trader...

Without "Proper Logic and Reasoning" behind your trading, ICT concepts will fail.

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Take a Moment and Ask Yourself...

How many ICT Videos have you watched, PDFs you've skimmed through... or trading courses you've taken?

Now, crucially reflect on this...

Have those efforts truly led to any sustainable results?

Or are you caught in a cycle of binge-watching ICT videos like a never-ending Netflix series?

Watching endless ICT videos creates the illusion of self-improvement.

Overcomplicating the entire process when the man himself states...
"Your trading plan should be able to fit on the back of a business card".

For how many years has this approach been unsuccessful,
and can you truly expect different results by continuing the same actions?
Now Answer This...
  • Are you able to find profitable deals in the market consistently?
  • Are you able to identify a Narrative in the markets and apply the right ICT tools for Price Delivery?
  • Are you Self-Aware of patterns and tendencies in your behavior that could potentially affect your overall trading performance? 

Be Honest with yourself here...

If the answer is “no” to any of these, this may finally change things for you.

The solution to this issue is found within Tape Reading,
not just watching Price Action print candlesticks "like paint dry".

You need to Tape Read with a specific purpose i.e

  • Spotting the patterns, characteristics and tendencies in your behavior.
  • Spotting the patterns, characteristics and behaviors in Price Delivery.

There is a systematic approach to Tape Reading...

(it's no quick fix or magic pill solution)

  • You want to make sure you are thinking correctly through the "theory" as price delivers a narrative.
  • You want to make sure you are aware of the different triggers and emotions in your trading as price delivers a narrative.

This is possible by using Tape Reading System,  and you will achieve the following:

  • Build the skill of understanding IPDA on a deeper level faster due to actively retaining reference experiences properly.
  • Experience more productivity with the time you spend in-front of a chart. Know what to look for rather than just derping away at the screen.
  • Learn to treat every win as a normal outcome of performing your A+ habits, and every loss then becomes an Lesson to improve your strategy every week.

It will finally turn your hard efforts of studying ICT concepts into tangible results.

This is the final stage before an Aspiring Trader turns Professional...

This is thevsystem you will forever implement within your trading career.



This system provides a step-by-step approach to effectively create trading reference experiences, ensuring YOU:


Each weekly candlestick close presents an opportunity to gain experience, similar to a video game character leveling up.

Through trading, you can level up skills such as anticipation, trade psychology, and wisdom.

The more reference experiences you build, the better you will be able to protect yourself in uncertain conditions and capitalize on high-probability opportunities.


Once you learn how to effectively study your losses, you will stop repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

You will start to see the outcome as insignificant and focus more on trading to your full potential.

A winning trade will be the result of trading at your prime state of focus (outcome of tape reading), and a loss will be seen as an opportunity for improvement in your trading edge or trading behavior.


By understanding how price delivers from A to B, instead of zoning out when you watch the price, you'll start to gain trading experience and start to achieve results.
The only way to become a professional trader without luck is to tape-read with complete focus.
That's how you build trading skills apart from studying hours of theory.
Remove the "zoning out" from your trading performance immediately, and start trading with immense focus properly.



By tape-reading the ebb and flow of the Market Efficiency Paradigm from ICT, you will start to grasp the logic and reasoning behind trading ICT concepts.

This process enables you to assign meaning to the lens through which you view the market.

You'll gain a deep understanding of why you take a trade and all the supporting factors behind it.

Only then will you truly understand your edge.




Become aware of Inside Bar Ranges and their tendency to hold price in consolidation.

Once you have this awareness, you can adapt your trading style to range-bound markets and find the best bread-and-butter trades.

Failure to understand Inside Bar Ranges can lead to trading frustration and ultimately a downward spiral in trading performance.

Start becoming aware of different trading environments with Inside Bar Ranges today, so you can set the correct expectations for your trading and make better decisions.

I'll keep this short and to the point.

You are the only one who truly knows where you stand with your trading.

Ask yourself:

Have you made the progress you wanted in the last 6 months?

How much longer are you willing to go without seeing the results you want?

The choice is yours.

You can continue derping and watching candlesticks aimlessly, or you can build reference experiences properly to therefore build skills i.e Trading Wisdom or Trading Anticipation.

Don't wait any longer for things to magically change.

Take action now and implement the Tape Reading System.

Watch your understanding of Price Action grow as you transition into a full-time Professional Trader.


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