The Secret Tip That Took My Trading to the Next Level

Apr 04, 2023

With the ICT 2023 Mentorship coming fast upon us I have more tips for fully getting the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  

Also, it's almost halfway through January already, can you believe it?  

Time moves fast.  

It's important to spend time on the good and less on the bad.  

That's a fact.  

Anyway if you didn't know already the legendary trading mentor ICT is doing his final mentorship in 2023 for free on YouTube.  

He will do 2 live sessions per week covering the markets (mainly indices) and will do supporting videos also.  

 So, to get the most out of ICT's mentorship I recommend getting both a paper and an online journal specifically dedicated to this mentorship.  

Let's start with the paper journal.  

Go and get a new notebook.  

You should be creating notes for each episode of ICT's mentorship.  

Yes, that means writing them out.  It takes longer, but you feel what you are writing.  

There is a disconnect when you are typing something out rather than writing.  

By writing out notes on what ICT is saying, his key subjects, and his key insights then you will retain the information better.  

And if you get an epiphany when listening to him WRITE IT DOWN.  Don't just let is disappear.  

This is what I did for ICT's 2017 core content, I literally copied everything out by hand, crazy right?  

It was long but worth it, now I know the information.  

The online journal.  

You can create a parallel journal alongside your paper journal. 

I will give you this amazing insight.  

After every trading day you should mark up your charts in hindsight marking out the PD arrays respected, SMT divergences, liquidities purged and reverted, along with the HTF levels traded.  

By doing this, over time your mind will recognize these patterns in real-time.  

I have been doing this for ages and it's helped in my real-time understanding of what price is likely to do massively.  

ICT even recommended doing it during our time as Charter Members in his paid mentorship.  

So if you don't do this already, start doing it now!  

If you are an indices trader, then mark up your 3 US equities chart in hindsight and create a log of it for that day.  

If you are a Forex trader, do DXY, EURUSD, and GBPUSD mark them up in hindsight, and log them in your digital journal!  

As for digital journals I use Notion.  

Anyway, this email is getting too long cause I'm so hyped about this message and how much it can help you in your trading.  

I'm also hyped over the ICT 2023 Mentorship coming!  

Start implementing these journalling tactics and your trading WILL improve, that is guaranteed!  

Also, be ready to implement these journalling skills ready for the mentorship and you will gain untold value...  

Best Regards


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