The Winner's Trading Formula

Apr 04, 2023

Dear Aspiring Trader,  

As a trader, you know that achieving consistent wins can be challenging.  

But what if there was a formula that could help you win in the long run?  


The formula is simple:  

One pair, one setup, a recurring trading model, and risk management.  

By focusing on just one pair, you can become an expert in that pair and better understand its behavior.  

Similarly, by sticking to one setup, you can perfect your execution and eliminate the need for guesswork.  

A recurring model can provide structure and consistency to your approach.  

Finally, impeccable risk management is crucial to protect your capital and minimize losses.  


Here are a few practical examples of how to apply this formula: 

If you specialize in trading forex, focus on just one currency pair that you're comfortable with, such as EUR/USD. 

Stick to a single trading setup that you've tested and proven to be successful, such as the ICT 2022 Mentorship Model. 

Follow a recurring model for your trades that includes specific entry and exit rules, and time frames. 

Practice impeccable risk management by setting stop-loss orders based on your risk tolerance, and limiting the size of your trades to a percentage of your account balance.  

By applying this formula to your trading approach, you can increase your chances of achieving consistent wins and reaching your trading goals.  

I hope you found this information helpful.  

 Best Regards,  


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